Procedure for Information Request by Stakeholders.

The following standard procedure is required for all stakeholders requesting information from the NSC:

i.   A formal request should be done in writing and addressed to:

The Executive Secretary/CEO

Nigerian Shippers’ Council

4, Otunba Ayodele Soyode Lane,

Apapa- Lagos.




Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) OFFICES Nationwide

Request can also be sent to NSC E-mail address info@shipperscouncil.gov.ng or nsc@shipperscouncil.gov.ng 

ii. The request should state a verifiable address and phone number of the applicant.

iii.  When the request is received, it will be sent by the ES/CEO to the appropriate Department within 24 hours for processing.

iv.  If the information requested is not within the purview of the NSC, the applicant will be informed or directed to the appropriate organization to get such information.